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Videotape Service

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Imagine losing everything you own.

All your possessions lost because of a fire, flood or hurricane. How would you rebuild your life? Our insurance companies will give you the money to do that. But how do you know exactly what you lost?

What size TV did you have, what about all the pieces of furniture you have, clothes in the closets and drawers. All the items in your kitchen and bathroom. How could you possibly remember all the things you have.

The problem is your insurance company will want you to list everything that is damaged. One of the many services our agency offers is to videotape your entire home so that all your possessions are documented. For a one time, $150 fee, we will give you two copies of all your inventory to present to the insurance company adjuster if you should have a loss.

This service will save you an incredible amount of time and money; If you are interested in scheduling us for a visit please fill out and send the form below.

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